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June 24, 2018
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Short Description: Kold Ster-il 14gpm System
Item #: PBM490
Manufacturer: Poly-Bio Marine
Category: Tap Water Purification
Subcategory: Tap Water Purification RO/DI
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Kold Ster-il This high-flow three stage water filter uses twenty inch canisters, 1 Npt. threaded fittings, flows 14-20 Gpm (75.7 Lpm) for 150,000 gallons (567,750 L), and its last state 0.50·m Carbon (4 diameter x 20 length) doesn't contain a charged ceramic. However, the discs are much larger (3) and its filter bag (4 x 18) is also much larger. The larger system replacement media costs hundreds of dollars but is capable of providing water for $0.002 per gallon or less for commercial usage. Our Kold Ster-il, Three Canister System, sorbs and restricts the following: Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Copper, Iron, Zinc, Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC), tannins, Proteins, Dissolved Organics, Chlorine, Pesticides/Insecticides, Metal Particulates, Algae, Fungus, Giardia, Cryptospordium, and E. coli Bacteria. Water Flow Rate: 14-20 Gpm @ 40 psig Materials of Construction: Canister - Polypropylene Top SANS Sump NSF, International Approved. Fin-L-Filter - UHMW Polyethylene End Caps w/ Acrylic & Polypropylene Tubes. The Kold Ster-il· System and Filter Media were tested under A.S.T.M.* and E.P.A. Methods of Analysis for Potable Water. The Fin-L-Filter molecular absorption discs meet all NSF, International criteria as a chemical sorbent media under Standards 42, 53, 53b, 61, 63. In addition, both disc sorbent medium and the entire apparatus were tested as to performance and claims in the UMDNJ Pharmacology - Toxicology Dept. *American Society of Testing and Materials Volumes: 11.01 and 11.02 Water Analysis. Filter Media (Three Types of Filtration): Barrier Restriction, Adsorption, Absorption. Kold Ster-il· System Provides Three Separate Methods of Filtration for your Health & Safety What is the difference between R/O System (low pressure) permeate and Kold Ster-il· Filtrate? Low pressure R/O System is called NanoFiltration and high pressure R/O Systems is called HyperFiltration [which require 225 psi @ 77 F and a 2000mg/L concentration of a solute] (i.e. copper sulfate) to deliver 98% rejection. Which leaves 2% of 2000mg/L or 40mg/L concentration of a toxic metal. The low pressure systems instead deliver between 94-98% removal of total dissolved solids or the mineral content of feedwater. The low pressure R/O System is not capable 96% rejection of a specific compound even at the 2000mg/L solute concentration. This is due to the lower operating pressure, type of membrane, membrane charge, and membrane pore size. Basically the low pressure R/O System or NanoFiltration functions as a softening membrane passing low amounts of clean water as permeate and producing large amounts of waste water. This NanoFiltration cannot reject VOC's, low levels of heavy metals, Organic Carbons, Pesticides/Insecticides, Poly and complex Phosphates, or Water Conditioning Polymers. The low grade carbon and string wound cartridge filters are prefilters for the membrane only - they are not ANSI/NSF Certified. Low TDS (total dissolved solids) numbers i.e. 30·/S Conductivity doesnt mean that the water is pollutant free - only low in minerals. In fact, R/O water could contain high levels of pesticides, volatile organic chemicals, complexed phosphates and dangerous Coliform bacteria while still showing 35-45·/S TDS Conductivity reading. The Kold Ster-il uses three separate stages to sorb heavy metals, VOC's, TOC's, Total Phosphates, fungus, algae, diatoms, particulates, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, bacteria, endotoxins, pyrogens, biopolymers, charged water conditioning polymers, Chlorine, Odor, Taste, and Pesticides/Insecticides to meet U.S.A., Canada, E.E.C., Japan Standards. The Kold Ster-il doesn't remove calcium, magnesium divalent cations nor strip the water's alkaline reserve. People, animals, reptiles, birds, marinefish and invertebrates, and African Cichlids benefit from very high quality water with the minerals and buffering capacity remaining in the filtrate. In addition, our Kold Ster-il's filtrate meets or exceeds ANSI/NSF Potable Water and FDA Bottled Water Quality Standards. Actually, our Kold Ster-il has passed the more stringent Japanese Water Quality Standards and is certified to produce 14.0 liters per minute of potable water for usage in Japan. Terms and Conditions: 1) All Kold Ster-il Units are pressure tested to 90psi max prior to shipment. Do not open filter canisters before customer purchase! 2) Kold Ster-il System is designed for the filtration of potable water only. This system meets or exceeds ANSI/NSF Standards or US FDA Standards. In addition, this sytem meets certification for 46 items required by Japan's Potable Water Quality Standards. 3) Maximum flow rate 14-20 gpm. Maximum pressure 90psi. If installing on main system capable of more than 90psi - use a pressure reducer. 4) Drilling or tapping systems or the addition of unauthorized part voids the warranty. 5) Dealers must inspect each Kold Ster-il within 24 hours of arrival delivery for shipping damage and call for instructions on freight claim. 6) Used Kold Ster-il Systems are not returnable for credit. 7) Repairs or adjustments are performed only at Factory - call for shipping. 8) System designed for cold tapwater filtration only - do not exceed 90 degrees Farenheit. 14-20 gpm

Type Use: Fresh & Saltwater
Sugg Price: $1,440.00
Our Price: $1200.00

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