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May 26, 2018
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Short Description: AquaLife Pro CONDITION Concentrate Reef 64oz Liquid
Item #: AL836
Manufacturer: Aquarium Life Support Systems
Category: Supplements & Additives*
Subcategory: S&A, Reef Additives
Related Product: AquaLife Complete Water Conditioner 1gal
Substitute Product: AquaLife Pro Condition Concentrate 1.5lb Water Conditioner
Use product with: AquaLife Activate Saltwater Gallon Aquarium Starter and Cleaner


Aqualife Pro Condition Concentrate Reef completely, instantly and safely detoxifies ammonia, chlorine and chloramines in fresh or saltwater. Aqualife Pro Condition Concentrate Reef delivers concentrated action that other water conditioners just can't match. Completely non-toxic to fishes, invertebrates, aquatic plants, Aqualife Pro Condition Concentrate Reef: ·ˇ Does not negatively affect biological·ˇfiltration ·ˇ Does not affect protein skimmers ·ˇ Does not lower dissolved oxygen·ˇlevels or pH Aqualife Pro Condition Concentrate Reef can be safely used in all types of fish, reef and invertebrate aquariums. Use Aqualife Pro Condition Concentrate Reef: ·ˇ To condition new water for aquariums,·ˇreef tanks, and holding tanks ·ˇ When performing water changes and·ˇor additions ·ˇ Before adding new fish, corals or·ˇinvertebrates, to an existing aquarium ·ˇ To eliminate ammonia in the·ˇshipping water during transportation·ˇof live fishes, corals, or aquatic·ˇinvertebrates. of aquarium and reef professionals. Available exclusively from independent retailers. Dosage: 1ml treats 4 gallons. 1 capful treats 20 gallons.·ˇ 1oz treats 120 gallons. This dosage eliminates 1.0 mg/L of ammonia (= 0.85 mg/L ammonia-nitrogen), as well as removing all chlorine and chloramine. For higher ammonia concentrations, dosage can be safely increased. Important: Measure total ammonia or ammonia-nitrogen using a salicylate (indophenol) type test kit. Nessler's total ammonia test will give false high (or off scale) readings. ·ˇ Contraindications:·ˇ Do not use with permanganate-based or chlorite based treatments.·ˇ Winkler dissolved oxygen test will give false, low (or zero) readings. Use a DO meter or indigocarmine DO test instead. Product: Aqualife Pro Condition Concentrate Reef Category: Additives and Supplements, Reef Aquariums Unique Product Features: ·ˇ Concentrated liquid formula ·ˇ Instant action ·ˇ No need for additional carbon filtration ·ˇ Does not affect protein skimmers ·ˇ Non-toxic, safe for all aquatic life, humans and pets Packaging: Available in 15oz bottle.·ˇ Treats 1800 gallons. Product Rationale Ammonia poisoning is the most common killer of fish and other aquarium inhabitants. Ammonia is produced by decomposing plants, algae, fish waste, and uneaten food.·ˇ Ammonia removal is easily accomplished by using Aqualife Pro Condition Concentrate Reef. For high ammonia levels, dosage can be safely increased or repeated 5x within a 24 hour period.·ˇ Chloramine consists of a molecule of ammonia (NH3) chemically bonded to one or more chlorine atoms (Cl). In water treated with chloramine, three chemical species are usually present: monochloramine, dichloramine and trichloramine. Many localities now disinfect municipal tap water with chloramines rather than plain chlorine, because the former is more stable. ·ˇ Aqualife Pro Condition Concentrate Reef does not alter pH or deplete oxygen levels and is safe even if overdosed.·ˇ For maximum stress relief and disease prevention, use with AquaLife Complete. Formulated to perform over a range of pH in both fresh and saltwater, Aqualife Pro Condition Concentrate Reef provides complete, instantaneous removal of toxic ammonia, chlorine and chloramines. Supplied in liquid form, this unique, concentrated formula offers the best value in a water conditioner for hobbyist or professional use.

Type Use: Saltwater
Sugg Price: $49.99
Our Price: $43.99

Other important information about this product:

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