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May 26, 2018
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Title Silver Tip Tetra (Hasemania nana)

Tanner Crawford

Last Updated



A lively dash of color to the freshwater community or planted aquarium

The Silver Tip Tetra (Hasemania nana) is a small tetra from the blackwater and clearwater river basin systems of Brazil. This species reaches a max size of about 2” and prefers the social company of a group in the home aquarium as it is a lively schooling fish. These small tetras do well in an established planted aquarium and exhibit their best colors when receiving a full diet that includes both dry and live or frozen foods. Some great food options to consider are the Mini Bloodworms Mini Cubes (SF4791) and a staple flake food like the Sera Flake Menu (SER 447) to vary their diets and promote optimal colors.

The Silver Tip Tetra  and is known to be semi-aggressive in an aquarium environment, but can often be kept peacefully with other fish in optimal conditions. Maintaining a pH of 6.4-8.0 and a temperature of 72-82 degrees F are the ranges this species is most comfortable. Be sure to include plenty of hiding spots with decorations and live plants, or a plastic plant variety such as the Aqua Plant Sinker 4 Piece Variety Pack (PP7862).

These tetras are considered egg scatterers and can be successfully bred in captivity under the right conditions. The males usually exhibit more robust colors than the females and are often thinner than the egg-carrying females. The conditions to be met for breeding usually requires a process of conditioning the Silver Tip Tetra adults on a diet of live and frozen foods and altering aspects of water temperature and water change frequency to simulate the rainy season they encounter in the wild. Consider using a breeding tank with Aqua Plant Baby Hide-Out Breeding Grass (PP1089) to maximize success in saving eggs after spawning.

Come by and check out this unique gem in the store and ask an associate about how the Silver Tip Tetra can become an addition to your aquarium today!

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