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May 21, 2018
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Short Description: Refurbished Green Reset 40 Pressurized Pond Filter w/ 20w UV for up to 5300gal
Item #: SIC157R
Manufacturer: Sicce
Category: Filters*
Subcategory: Filters, Pond Pressurized External
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Refurbished Green Reset 40 with one year warranty

Green Reset, the NEW SICCE pond filter range, represents the ease for your garden pond clarity. This new Pressurized UVC Bio-filter is available in two models - 25L & 40L - with great filtration capacity for small and large ponds. First, the water is forced through the sponges (mechanical filtration) and then through the bioballs (biological filtration) in combination with an effective UVC sterilizer lamp to guarantee crystal clear pond water. The peculiarity of Green Reset is the extreme ease of maintenance operations which can be carried out by everybody without any difficulty in 3 steps:
1) Lift the handle on the top of the cover.
2) Turn the lateral grip handles in the cleaning position and, then, the flow selector handle.
3) Push the big handle down to squeeze the internal sponges (patented mechanism).

It can be placed next to the pond, above the pond water level, or buried into the ground according to the need of the user. To obtain the best performance of the filter, Sicce recommends to use it in combination with Master DW pumps or Syncra DW.

Technical Data for Green Reset 25
Pond Size : Pump Size
1000 gallons : Master DW 4000 / Syncra DW 4.0
2200 gallons : Master DW 4000 / Syncra DW 4.0
3200 gallons : Master DW 5500 / Syncra DW 5.0
4200 gallons : Master DW 5500 / Syncra DW 5.0
4800 gallons : Master DW 5500 / Syncra DW 5.0

• 10 watt UVC lamp
• 3 year warranty
• CE & UL listed
• Flow selector handle
• NEW easy-cleaning handle
• Outlet for emptying
• Multiple sponges
• Compact design

Filter Dimension (DiameterxH): 14.96"x26.38"
UV Lamp Wattage: 20
Max Pressure: 0.4 bar
Filtration Volume: 4.76 gallons
Number of Sponges: 3
Cord Length: 16".4"
Suggested Pump: 1865GPH
Maximum Pond Volume: 5283 gallons
Bio Balls: included
Bio Balls Only Possible: No

Spare Parts:
SSP0015 Sponge
SKT0110 UVC Lamp for Green Reset 25 (10w)
SKT0111 UVC LAMP for Green Reset 40 (20w)
SKT0112 Quartz Tube for 10W lamp + 2 Oring (Mod.25)
SKT0113 Quartz Tube for 20W lamp + 2 Oring (Mod.40)
SKT0114 Closing Ring - V-band
SVE0022 O-RING - Quartz tube
SVE0026 Filter body O-ring•
SVE0027 Ballast cover O-Ring•
SVE0028 Bulb support O-Ring (2pcs.)
SPL0059 Bio Balls• D.32mm•

Type Use: Pond
Sugg Price: $679.70
Our Price: $629.99

Other important information about this product:

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