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May 20, 2018
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Float Valve
Plumbing, Flexible PVC
Plumbing, Glue
Plumbing, Glue & Thread
Plumbing, Hose Clamps
Plumbing, Insert / Barb
Plumbing, Locline Return Parts
Plumbing, Strainers
Plumbing, Tank Adapters
Plumbing, Tubing
Plumbing, Valves & Unions
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An Explanation of the Plumbing
Plumbing fittings are classified using the standard notation described and
illustrated below.

pipe glues into
glues into another fitting
tubing barb
female threads
male threads

Slip fittings are glued to pipe and may have male or female threads on one end. All are classified as "Glue and Thread." Examples: S X S, S X mipt, S X fipt, etc.
All fittings with a barbed end for flexible tubing are classified as "Insert/Barb." Insert fittings may also have a male, female or barb at the other end. Examples: I X I, I X mipt, I X fipt, etc.

Category: Plumbing Subcategory:
Product Name / Manufacturer # Size Item # Price ea.
  AquaLife Cure 8 oz Treats 480 Gallons AL831 13.99

  AquaLife DeChlorit 16oz AL8343 10.99

  AquaLife Dechlorit 32oz AL150 19.99

  AquaLife Erythromycin Treats 1,000 Gallons AL4004 45.99

  AquaLife Erythromycin Treats 200 Gallons AL4003 13.99

  AquaLife Float Valve Assembly for R/O Units AL8318 28.99

  AquaLife Glass and Acrylic Cleaner 12oz AL810 11.99

  AquaLife Kanamycin Sulfate Treats 1,000 Gallons AL4002 45.99

  AquaLife Kanamycin Sulfate Treats 200 Gallons AL4001 13.99

  AquaLife Metronidazole Treats 1,000-2,000 Gallons AL4023 49.99

  AquaLife Metronidazole Treats 200 Gallons AL4024 15.99

  AquaLife Nano Complete Water Conditioner 1oz AL110 2.59

  AquaLife Neomycin Sulfate Treats 1,000 Gallons AL4006 59.99

  AquaLife Neomycin Sulfate Treats 200 Gallons AL4005 19.99

  AquaLife Nitrofurazone Treats 1,000 Gallons AL4008 35.99

  AquaLife Nitrofurazone Treats 200 Gallons AL4007 11.99

  AquaLife Oxytetracycline Treats 1,000 Gallons AL4010 29.99

  AquaLife Oxytetracycline Treats 200 Gallons AL4009 9.99

  AquaLife Plumbing Kit for 120 Gallon Aquarium AL1605 69.99

  AquaLife Praziquantel Treats 2,000 Gallons AL4012 95.99

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