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May 20, 2018
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Short Description: AZOX Coral Macro Diet 8oz Bottle with Pump
Item #: AT102
Manufacturer: Aqua-Tech Co.
Category: Reef Nutrition
Related Product: AquaLife REEFeast Liquid 8oz
Substitute Product: AquaLife PHYTO-fin Liquid 16oz
Use product with: AquaLife Bio-Pro Plus 6oz Probiotic Health Supplement


A nutritious diet scientifically designed for the nutritional needs of both Photosynthetic and Non-Photosynthetic coral, Gorgonia and planktivorous fish. AZOX macro Coral diet is comprised of various size zooplankton gut loaded with phytoplankton and selected for their size, nutrition and attraction by coral. These small meaty particles are neutrally buoyant, packed with energy and ideal in aquariums with Non-Photosynthetic specimens such as gorgonia and tentacled corals. The included appetite stimulant also makes the particles attractive to finicky eaters such as Anthias sp. and Mandarin fish.

Available in an 8oz. attractive pump, AZOX makes broadcast feeding a cinch and encourages natural feeding responses in aquarium specimens. Supercharge the effectiveness by target feeding AZOZ to larger coral mouths and see an instant feeding reaction.
-Multiple particle size
-Laboratory manufactured
-REAL copepods, rotifers and nauplii
-Long shelf life and no foul smell
-Convenient attractive pump design
-Feed them what they need!
Planktonic feeding opportunities are abound in the ocean. Each evening as dusk settles in and lays a deeper blue blanket over the oceans depths, etherial clouds of Zooplankton permeate the realm. These organisms account for fully one half of the feeding opportunities afforded to the seas life. In closed systems, such as the home aquarium, bringing these microscopic feeds can mean the difference between success and failure. Add AZOX and watch the reaction! Laboratory tested AZOX casts a wide array of sizes, types and shapes of natural food to your captive specimens. How does AZOX stimulate feeding? The idea is relatively simple. By culturing copepods, rotifers and other zooplankton naturally found in the wild food web.

AZOX Coral Macro Diet has a six month to one year shelf life refrigerated.

Type Use:
Sugg Price: $23.99
Our Price: $20.99

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